31-Day Self-Kindness Challenge

31-Day Self-Kindness Challenge

“A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life.” ― Christopher K. Germer

What is Self-Kindness?

Self-kindness is same as you show kindness to others but here in self-kindness you show kindness to yourself only.

Thus self-kindness is your favor, concern, good deed, care, affection, gentleness, warmth, generosity, all towards yourself.

Everything  you do for yourself, your happiness, your pleasure and for your dignity and honour.

Why Self-Kindness is important?

In our life we are busy with our work and daily routines in order to keep pace with this fast world. We even do kind deeds with others but more oftenly we forget this formula to apply on us. We utilize plenty of our time in doing extra stuff.

We often utilize our energy in meaningless regressions and complaining about ourselves i.e. i am this and that, why i did this and that, i am not able to this and that, i never forgive myself for this and that, i hate myself. How many times we say this extra, meaningless and energyless stuff to ourself?

All this throw us in net of anxiety, depression, bad self-image, self-hatred etc. Many health problems arises because of our this thinking. And it effects us physically, mentally, emotionally, financialy, spiritually and psychologically. Hence we overall get effected because of our rudeness, ignorance and avoidance with ourself.

Until you are not kind with yourself, you can not show kindness with others. How you can be affectionate with others, while you are not affectionate  with yourself? Inside you, you are cruel with yourself, then how can you go for mildness with others?

If you are still going for others and ignoring your self, then you are cheating with yourself, destroying, harming and disrespecting yourself.

Your success starts from yourself. You have a big importance in your own success, because great contribution in your success is of yourself.

31-Day Self-Kindness Challenge? #31DSKC?

It is reality that we all face difficulties. Bunch of hardships come to us in many ways. Being harsh with our self, and blaming our self doesnot make us to tackle with these hardships easily.

Self-Kindness is a number one technique with which you can throw off problems, stressanxieties and meaningless depressions from your life.

Thats why i am here to organize 31-Day Self-Kindness Challenge, which cultivates a habit of self-kindness in you and impact your life, changes you and your whole life. It is 100% free to participate and change your behaviour towards yourself.

This is my announcement post where i am inviting you all to join for 31-Day Self-Kindness Challenge.

How 31-Day Self-Kindness Challenge happens?

Starting Feb 2018, which is a 1st Day of the challenge.

  1. I will post daily task (for self-kindness) for 31 days on Journey to Know Yourself Blog.a site you are reading right now. Everyday task is different and easy to perform. And i will guide you through it. That task may be a friendship with yourself to do something of your favourites.
  2. You have to perform the task by yourself within the day.
  3. When you have done with your task, share with us in the comment section of that day’s task post (you can share anything relevant to task e.g. your feelings, experience,what and how you have done etc.). If you think you are not open to share with others in this public space then it is not a big issue you can still share with your nick name or any name which you give yourself for 31-Days.
  4. You can read the response of others who are participating in the challenge, it may be opportunity to learn from other participants, interact with them, give feedback to them.
  5. The daily task postings will stop after  March, 2018. I will post last task on that day. A sumup and 31 day review post will be posted after that day.

Note: I  also reccommend you to see this page daily for daily updates of challenge with links of daily tasks.

How you join?

  1. It is 100% free to join. Any one join from any place of world, with regardless of gender, age, occupation etc.
  2. Comment in the comment section with your intention to join it and also fill the form below to signup.
  3. Invite them to join, it may be your friend, partner, colleague, roommate, sibling, relative or with any one who can change his/her vision towards his/her life and bring positivity in their life.This is your act of kindness with others to invite them to do self-kindness by joining this challenge. Remember more people join more will be the impact of kindness on others, more lifes will change, more people can improve themselves and their lifes.
  4. Share this page with others so that they can read by themselves about this challenge.
  5. You have to Follow  Journey to Know Yourself Blog.so that you can get new posts daily by your email.
  6. Bookmark this site , for 31 days as well as this post and pageso that you can easily memorize yourself that you have signed up for #31DSKCAnd easily go through with your daily tasks. Because i will post daily tasks list here with a link, which lands you on the page of your assigned tasks.(This is because many people forget about their signups).

Blog about Your 31-Day Self-Kindness Journey?

For Bloggers who are blogging, i will encourage you to blog about your daily experiences after going through with tasks. Your sharing with your readers make you accountable yourself, so that readers get inspiration from you by reading your experiences and get motivated to do tasks by themselves and change their lifes too.

You can share your post link in the comment section below that shows your announcement of your participation in 31-Day Self-Kindness Challenge. So that other participants also go through your blog and read your experiences.

 Those of you who are active on social media (i.e. instagram, facebook, twitter,etc.), you can share your experiences of 31-Day Self-Kindness Journey with hashtag  #31DSKC  it can also motivate others to take part in this journey by themselves and learn from your experiences too.

Remember more people will join, more we will be spreading kindness in the world by impacting other’s life’s and our life’s too.

 Why to join?

I am not telling you  here why to join and not making you to count the fruits of challenge. Because i want you to join and see the results yourself by the end of challenge.

Sign up Here to join.

Fill the form below and submit if you want to change your life with little acts of self-kindness.

Fill the form soon. I daily update participants name list here publicaly till the signup is closed. See your name in that list.

Why i add these things on form?

Why nick name: Because if you are uncomfortable with your daily sharing of tasks experiences you can go for it. Nick name/ fake name does not matter only thing that matters is yourself, your life which can improve by joining the challenge and performing daily assigned tasks.By joining this challenge you are also doing self-kindness with you.

Why country: I will post daily tasks in a way that it will be suitable for people living in different time zones to get the posts on time.

Gender and Age:  Because i have design the tasks equally for all but by knowing these things i can design it in a way that it should be suitable for you all to do.

 Sign up form here:


Are you ready to go for 31 Day Self-Kindness challenge? Then fill the form above.

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