Your favorite subject that fascinates you


Everyone has favorite topic to write about and to speak on that.Have you noticed that on which topic you can speak for hours, that will be your favorite topic. Because you like to speak on that or write on that.And your inner passion drives you to write on that specific topic.It shows your interest and your aptitude.

If you like to travel you love to read, write or speak on travel more.If you are interested in food you love to talk on food.There are many topics which fascinates us all to talk about them.It can be climate, theology, nature, health and fitness, self help, parenting,  etc.

Sometimes it happens that we like some topic a lot but lacks a knowledge about that.So its better to get a plenty of information on the topic in which you have interest.It is same like the thing that you get the degree in that subject that fascinates you or work in the field that you are interested in  and you feel joy while studying that or doing job in that field.

Share with us which topic  fascinates you to write,or to speak about ? 

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  1. I have a passion for traveling and photography and can go on for hours about it.
    A much less “fun” subject is hip surgery and the recovery. This topic was not by choice but is ruling my life since years.

    I am writing two blogs, one about traveling and photography to share with others who enjoy the same and the other one is about surgery and recovery, to help and inspire others who have the same walk to walk.

    Two very different subjects but even though my travel blog is fun, I know I have helped thousands of people from all over the world with my medical blog. I gave them support and hope in time of need and I am the only one who writes regularly and in great detail about it.

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