31-Day Self-Kindness Challenge

We have a number of people who have joined so far for challenge.

Check the announcement post about challenge and feel free to join it. Participation is 100% free.

31-Day Self-Kindness Challenge? #31DSKC?

It is reality that we all face difficulties. Bunch of hardships come to us in many ways. Being harsh with our self, and blaming our self doesnot make us to tackle with these hardships easily.

Self-Kindness is a number one technique with which you can throw off problems, stressanxieties and meaningless depressions from your life.

Thats why i am here to organize 31-Day Self-Kindness Challenge, which cultivates a habit of self-kindness in you and impact your life, changes you and your whole life. It is 100% free to participate and change your behaviour towards yourself.

This is my announcement post where i am inviting you all to join for 31-Day Self-Kindness Challenge.

How 31-Day Self-Kindness Challenge happens?

Check my announcement post with details of challenge here .

Sign up Here to join.

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